Complete solutions for enterprise information systems

Software development from requirements analysis up to final product installation.


Requirements analysis

We collect, map, and analyze requirements for the information system and develop business process models (BPMN, EPC).

Tools: Enterprise Architect, Bizagi, ARIS.

Development of information systems

We develop information systems from frontend to backend.

Experience: Java, PHP, C#, Laravel, PL/SQL, Oracle Application Express, VueJS, Angular JS, React, Drupal CMS, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS-SQL, PostGIS, MapServer.

Maintenance of information systems

We maintain information systems, among that we fix problems, make upgrades, upgrade server software, upgrade information systems own platforms and frameworks.

Tools: JIRA, GitLab Issues, OSTicket end-user support.

Implemented solutions

The company has experience in developing and maintaining large and multi-technology information systems. The experts supplying the solutions are certified software developers.

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City Planning Board of Tallinn

Planning register

Data register with GIS support for detailed and master planning. Interfaced with map servers via WFS and WMS, displaying map layers. Created
a flexible map layer drawing tool.

Technical solution: C #, Oracle, JavaScript, MapServer, Java micro services

Sound Stream Analyzer and Stream Detector.

The solution detects, based on a predetermined audio clip, its presence in a predetermined stream in real-time. The data found is aggregated to the end user desktop on the web.

Technical solution: C ++, Laravel and PHP web solution and Vue JS PostgreSQL

Ministry of Culture

Grant processing information system

Procedural software that allows the user to submit a request for financial support for the project according to the form selected, and for the official to process the submitted application, sign the contract, make payments and monitor the results of the supported project through reporting.

Technical solution: basic solution in PHP, PostgreSQL Laravel, VueJS, which runs on a high-performance cluster of Amazon Web Services servers and supports up to 1000 parallel users.

Software construction process and installation via automated GitLab CI / CD.

RMIT / National Library of Estonia

A library file validation and archiving solution that validates files for compliance with the PDF standard and the TIFF standard. The software processes up to 10TB of bibliographic files per day.

Technical solution: Spring Boot, PostgreSQL, microservice solution.

GitLab CI / CD automatic build and installation, Terraform configuration management for automatic control of Amazon Web Service instance – a total of 8 AWS nodes are used in the average setting.

Estonian Government Office

The application platform for senior civil servants is a digital solution created for the Government Office of the Republic of Estonia. Its aim is to facilitate the application procedure for civil service senior management positions. The platform is a central point for organizing public competitions, choosing between possible candidates and making recruitment decisions.

Technical solution: Drupal CMS, MySQL, PHP 7

Eesti Energia AS

Access Management System

A solution that ensures access to nationwide infrastructure facilities, along with authorization and safety procedures. The system takes into account the needs of a large company and significantly reduces the administrative burden in the field.


Rescue Board

Table training environment

Developed to increase the crisis response capacity of the country, the table-training environment allows the trainer to easily communicate with participants individually as well as with the group as a whole or in different groups. Participants’ answers to the questions can be immediately analyzed and grouped.

Technical solution: PHP Laravel 9, Vue 3+ websocket and PostgreSQL database.

Health Board / Vaccine Ordering and Distribution Platform

A national platform for the ordering, distribution, and exchange of vaccines between users such as the Health Insurance Fund, general practitioners, general practice centres, hospitals, and logistics companies.

Technical solution: integration of PHP8, Laravel 9, Postgres13 and GitLab with Rancher Kubernets Cluster Helm cards. Integrated to Odoo ERP invoicing solutions.

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